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Milpitas, CA: QA Automation Developer - Technical Lead

Senior Software QA Test Automation Developer – Technical Lead
Location: Milpitas, CA, USA
Dept/Division: Engineering, Aperto Networks

Overview: Aperto Networks develops and manufactures WiMAX broadband wireless communications equipment products for service providers. Aperto serves more than 400 carrier customers in over 70 countries. Aperto has approximately 135 employees, 85 of which are based in the Milpitas headquarters and the balance are based in the India offshore development center and in sales and support offices around the world. Aperto raised $140 million to-date from leading VCs including Canaan Partners, GunnAllen Financial, Innovacom, JAFCO, JK&B Capital, Labrador Ventures, and QTV Capital.
Position Summary
This is a technical leadership level position with responsibilities for defining, building and executing a system level testing architecture and framework. You will be responsible for the full life cycle of development, inclusive of studying and gathering internal and external requirements and specifications, specifying, designing, coding, debugging, integrating, and documenting high quality software for testing our leading-edge, standard-based broadband wireless networking technology. A solid background in software development, and test automation is essential.

* Develop and execute test modules for conformance and performance evaluations, and testing of network protocols and networked systems.
* Use systematic techniques such as feature validation, verification and fault insertion to ensure reliability and robustness of product under test.
* Write software test plans, test designs, and test documentation.
* Design, build and maintain test benches to execute test plans.
* Write correct and clear defect reports and enter them into the defect tracking system, clarifying defects reports as needed with Engineering, Product Management, and Support teams.
* Enforce product and release quality standards and processes.
* Contribute to departmental schedule as required by manager.
* Store debugged source code in a source control system.
* Participate in and/or lead code reviews with Software Development teams when required.
* Document code thoroughly with comments, and outside the code with documentation.
* Provide technical leadership to others, including guiding other Software Test Engineers as necessary.
* Assess feasibility of providing solutions to complex problems given time and budgetary constraints.
* Investigate new technologies, techniques, and practices which contribute to the advancement of quality of products.
* Complete other Software Quality Engineering tasks as assigned.


* Extensive experience using any of the following:
o Microsoft Visual Studio
o Microsoft .NET Studio
o Microsoft Win32 SDK
o Java programming environment
o Scripting languages including, but not limited to Perl, Python, UNIX shell scripting, Windows Scripting, TCL/Expect
* Extensive experience in developing automation drivers for testing and verifying compliance any of the following:
o Networking and Media Access Control (MAC) protocols, preferably IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) or IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX);
o Layer 2 protocols/technologies including, but not limited to: Ethernet, ATM, VLAN, L2TP, PPP/PPPoE/PPPoA;
o Layer 3 protocols including, but not limited to: RIP, BGP, OSPF;
o Windows based applications supporting voice and video streaming, instant messaging, and network/user management services;
o Layer 2 or policy based Quality of Service as in MPLS, DiffServ, and DOCSIS; and/or Security solutions such as firewalls, VPNs, router authentication, etc.
* Extensive experience in Glass box or White box level testing, and pertinent techniques and practices

Required Qualifications

* BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related disciplines
* 5+ years experience in C/C++, C#, Java, or Visual Basic. Solid experience with Perl, Python, UNIX shell scripting, Windows Scripting, or TCL/Expec
* Comprehensive understanding and experience applying software testing methods, strategies, concepts, and tools, including functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, black box, and white box testing
* Experience in designing, building and maintaining test benches for executing test cases in compliance with the test plan. Preferably experience with test lab and pertinent infrastructure architecture
* Outstanding attention to detail
* Strong oral, written and presentation skills
* Strong organizational skills
* Self-motivation and ability to work independently and in a team environment

Desired Qualifications

* Solid experience with GUI automation tools such as WinRunner/QuickTest Pro, SilkTest/QA Partner, and TestComplete
* Strong experience in real-world operations of WiFi (802.11) or other wireless technologies
* Proven track-record of success in testing networking equipment, including switches and routers
* Solid scripting skills in VBScript/JavaScript, TCL, Perl, UNIX shell or Windows shell scripts
* Experience with packet analysers such as Sniffer Pro, and Ethereal


Ludy Zoeller
Managing Principal
DFM, Inc.
tel: 408-205-3511
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